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How it all started…

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I was working in my garden since I was a child. I have childhood memories of helping my mother in the garden, I’ve always loved being and working in the garden, but like many others, as I got older, I lost this interest. Things like back pain from manual digging and heavy work that the garden required felt too much for me, and not a natural way to garden. I got around this by only doing the bare minimum, and got away with this for many years. Then I had the opportunity to meet many people from different countries, and I met a young traveler who told me about a different way of gardening. This way was easier and more natural. He told me about the keyword “Permaculture”. Naturally, my next step was to get online and start researching ‘Permaculture’ where I found a lot of instructional videos as well as books for this method of gardening. In 2012 I began to study it more seriously.

From spring in 2013 I made a real change in my garden, and my gardening system, it became a lot simpler, which meant the physical demands on me were greatly reduced allowing me to stop working so hard. I was really happy and joyful that I discovered permaculture and how I could collaborate with nature, enjoying gardening more and making home, a small piece of heaven.

I learned so much about Permaculture and it was very easy to adapt my methods and start applying what I learned. This was the perfect way to collaborate with nature, creating an organic system on my land, generating a natural cycle of alive foods. With Permaculture principles I was able to bring a greater diversity to the organization of my garden. As a young person, I really understood that I could live in the village, gardening in this natural way, having my own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Then more ideas came into my mind. I wanted to share this knowledge with young people. Telling them that this is possible and they didn’t have to run in the city jungle to survive. Also because Permaculture gives us much freedom and independence in life, starting from eco-gardening and eco-buildings, there is still much to develop in this direction.

Now I am on year 10 of the Permaculture challenge in my garden and everything continues to grow very well. I am now enjoying fruits, herbs, vegetables from my garden as part of my daily meals. All of this I monitor monthly through pictures and short videos that I will post on this website, sharing them with others and demonstrating what is possible. These last few years, guests and travelers have stayed at my home, and when they saw the nature of my garden they had many questions, and I was more than happy to answer, and to share knowledge about the Permaculture principles I am using. They enjoyed the learning and made me realize that I could go further and start to teach this way of gardening from my gathered experience. Because I am using online travel networks, a few times guests have joined me specifically for experiencing the Permaculture system. Every season I am open for guests who want to study permaculture gardening. I created powerpoint presentations of the last three seasons of gardening. Now, I am also offering online coaching through Skype about Permaculture or if you wish, you can visit me during any season to learn hands-on methods.

Services That Constantin Offers

Besides permaculture, two of Constantin's main services are ecotourism and nutrition.


I am the go-to person in the South of Moldova for travelers. I can meet with them, and host them for a few nights in my own house, now called CostelHostel, where I rent two rooms for both national and international guests. FIND OUT MORE


Having learned a lot about what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat, I can provide you with tips, special menus and nutritional advice. Together we can work to improve your daily food lifestyles. FIND OUT MORE


Permaculture helps you to grow your own biological products. I transformed my garden into a little heaven, from which I eat 100% ecological fruits, vegetables and leafy greens and I can help you to grow yours. FIND OUT MORE

My Mission and Values

Since I became aware of the way we treat our food and our environment, I couldn't look away anymore and decided to take action and contribute with what I can for a better tomorrow. These are part of my mission and my values:

  • A self-sufficient world
  • A ecological world
  • Organic farming
  • Sustainable living
  • Sustainable traveling
  • Plant-based diets – raw-veganism, veganism, and vegetarianism
  • A properly educated humanity



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