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How EcoKostel started

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EcoKostel guest house was founded by Constantin Furtuna, who was born and raised in the Cahul area. Through his many years of enthusiastic participation in the Couchsurfing community , Constantine has discovered that he enjoys meeting people from all over the world. Through intercultural exchanges, he particularly welcomed the opportunity to learn about the lifestyles of others and to improve their English, while sharing details about Moldovan culture. Finally, he decided to turn the EcoKostel location into a small guesthouse in the heart of Moldova.

EcoKostel is located in the village of Roșu, in the south of Moldova. Rosu is about 5 kilometers from Cahul, which is the third largest city in Moldova. The village is a convenient stopping point for further travel, in any direction! There is a large garden on the property, where Constantine grows fruits and vegetables using the principles of Permaculture. Outside there is a table and chairs, overlooking the neighborhood vine and the countryside. Weather permitting, outdoor recreation is possible.

In the village of Roșu, guests can enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer: sunny skies, fresh air and water, organic fruits and vegetables. The villagers are friendly and eager to interact with travelers. Some of them may even offer homemade products for sale, such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, eggs and wine. Guests see the houses in Rosu as "artistic style houses" due to their rather blue exterior and the paintings and drawings made by folk art. Even the water fountains in the neighborhood are decorated by hand! Each is unique.

The city of Cahul is easily accessible via the local mini-bus # 7, which runs frequently to and from Roșu. A one-way bus ticket costs 5 Lei (about 0.25 cents Euro), and the journey takes about 15 minutes,  and the bus station is about a 10-minute walk from EcoKostel. Cahul has ATMs, a modern supermarket, a large open-air market and a few smaller specialty shops. The restaurants and bars there offer delicious food and wine, and the locals are friendly. Cahul is a popular spa and health resort due to complicated  "Sanatorium NUF complicated RUL White", which provides mineral water treatment, recreation and rehabilitation and also hosts the festival of popular music "NUFsingle RUL White "(which translates to" White Nymphaea ").

About the founder / owner, Constantin 

Constantine is a modern Renaissance man. He is passionate about Permaculture, a philosophy of sustainable gardening, and enjoys cooking, reading books, and learning something new and useful. He also enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and appreciating all that is beautiful in life. He loves tasty food - especially salads and pizza. He incorporates vegetarian, vegan and raw practices in what he cooks and prepares Moldovan dishes, as well as those with international flair. Constantine was described as a "friendly gentleman" and an "enthusiastic conversationalist." He appreciates humor and likes to help others, not only in his village and in the Cahul area, but also in the international community.

He speaks Moldovan-Romanian, English, Russian, Italian, a little French and Spanish. He is also interested in business, photography, nature, animals, computers, writing, psychology, travel and sports such as swimming and cycling. He is looking forward to discovering more interests in the future.


A walk through the Roșu Village which is a picturesque place to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. From relaxing in Constantine's garden to traveling with a 50-year-old train dating back to the Soviet era, the Moldovan countryside offers many unique experiences. Here are some of the activities you might enjoy while staying at EcoKostel.

Moldovan homeowners are proud to decorate their homes in a traditional and colorful way. Right in front of the goal to you will see fences of all colors and shapes outside the house painted flower clusters you tert complicated  and other symbols of nature complicated  or folklore. On each street there are functional water wells, each decorated in a unique way. The villagers are welcoming and curious about the visitors who come to EcoKostel. They beckons and you will meet with the greeting "hello" and might even invite you in their garden with a glass of wine, made with increasing dedication  you tert A living the  vineyards of the region. 

Each season offers something special, and the village of Roșu is the perfect place for this ever-changing art of nature. In spring, fruit trees and acacia flowers are in bloom, smelling the air with a sweet aroma. From the glorious green of the summer months to the colors of autumn during the harvest, the winter is very snowy and certainly not too cold. Roșu is a great place to appreciate nature and witness the agricultural habits of rural Moldova.

In the center of the village of Roșu there are 2 bars and 2 small squares, where you can buy food, water and other items. If you want to travel to Cahul for more products and services.

A walk through the city of Cahul which has a relaxed atmosphere, with a minimum amount of cars and noise. The city has a beautiful park, an ethnographic museum, a university, a theater and a cultural center where concerts and meetings are held regularly. There is also a football stadium, a swimming lake and World War II monuments.

An important transport Cahul has a railway station and a bus stop with links for journeys  to exceed complicated departed. 

Traveling by train from the Soviet era For those who want to experience history and travel back in time, traveling by train to Moldova is a must! Constantin will be happy to accompany you on a trip to his uncle's house in the village of Slobozia Mare, where you can spend the night. The 40 km of the trip lasts about 2 hours, and a one-way ticket costs 5 Lei (about 0.25 Euro cents). Along the way, you will see beautiful views as you travel through the Lower Prutal Nature Reserve in Moldova. (For some reason this summer, the train was suspended.) 

Cycling and hiking 

Explore the surrounding countryside on foot or by bike, and bird watching is also unforgettable. Costel has two bikes that you can use.


Camping in the EcoKostel garden is also possible. Most travelers come through the CouchSurfing and WarmShowers social network. Basically this activity and I have been hosting travelers for several years, now also active in the AirBnB community, meeting travelers from all over the world. I like to host guests and teach them about the Moldovan way of life, while learning about their culture. In the last 8 years I have hosted about 375 people who traveled in the area by bike, I also cycled from Cahul to Chisinau for 3 days with my friends from France, which was an amazing experience!

I live in the country in the village of Roșu in the south of Moldova, all the people who come here during the summer can stop, because I have space in the garden and for tents, barbecue area with table and chairs, outdoor summer shower and ecological toilet, bar and parallel, unlimited wi-fi, electricity for charging devices and light is provided.

Various activities at the EcoKostel garden among games or having an interesting conversation and it is the ideal place to enjoy the sun, to admire the rural landscape of Moldova. Constantin is passionate about permaculture and has turned his backyard into a productive and sustainable garden. He has been recognized locally as an authority on Permaculture and LifestyleIt is sustainable and incorporates fresh fruit and vegetables from its garden into the healthy meals it prepares. From teaching others about how to prepare traditional Moldovan dishes to explaining the principles of Permaculture, he wants to share his knowledge with his guests, volunteers. A wooden table and chairs under the walnut tree provide the perfect place to discuss and exchange stories and acquaintances.

Book your room at EcoKostel on the Contact page. Our services are free of charge, but support with a donation is welcome. Thank you for your interest!

The campsite has a beautiful view of Constantin's ecological garden.

Accommodation and Reservation

Accommodation in own room single  for one or two people will be managed after contact. The sauna service may also be available to guests based on an average usage time of approximately 2 hours. The sauna can be used simultaneously by up to 4 people, my herbal tea is also included.

If you want / on request, you can cook either traditional Moldovan dishes or a variant of your own recipes.

Book your room at EcoKostel on the Contact page. Our services are free of charge, but support with a donation is welcome. Thank you for your interest!

Room No.1

Private room with double sofa bed (family)

Room No. 2

Private room with single bed

Modern bathroom

✓ Modern shower ✓ Towels ✓ Toilet ✓ Sink and bidet ✓ Washing machine ✓ Soap and toilet paper ✓ Sheets and pillows ✓ Iron / Ironing board


✓ Oven and stove (with electric and gas burners) ✓ Fridge ✓ Coffee filter ✓ Blender ✓ Cooking accessories ✓ Dishes and utensils ✓ Free breakfast


✓ Heating - sob complicated  wood and electrical heater ✓ ✓ luggage free information and advice First aid kit ✓ ✓ Free parking on street

Private garden

✓ barbecue area with table and chairs ✓ camping site ✓ excellent for children of all ages ✓ traditional Moldovan summer shower (outdoor) ✓ eco-friendly toilet (outdoor) ✓ bar and parallel bars (outdoor)

More services

✓ TV in the common relaxation area (with local TV channel) and VHS, DVD player ✓ Table tennis ✓ Bicycles available ✓ Telephone ✓ Free WiFi ✓ Some pets are welcome - you need to contact the owner ✓ Free Taxi Call

Book your room at EcoKostel on the Contact page. Our services are free of charge, but support with a donation is welcome. Thank you for your interest!

Moldovan and international cuisine at EcoKostel

Constantin incorporates vegetarian, vegan and raw practices in what he cooks and prepares Moldovan dishes, as well as those with international flair. On request, you can find traditional dishes such as polenta for lunch or dinner, or you can prepare fresh, hearty salads.

Fresh salads with germ seeds, fresh and dried fruits, steamed vegetables, fermented vegetables, cold tea from flowers and herbs (and hot tea), milk from all kinds of nuts, sunflower seeds, homemade mustard, green puree, herbal soups with legumes. Discover the nutritional diversity at any time of the year at EcoKostel!


On a clear night, Constantine could heat the house grill to cook potatoes, tomatoes, corn, eggplant, carrots, and onions.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Smoothies

Volunteering at the EcoKostel guest house

Volunteer at our boarding house and learn from Constantin about the way of life in the Moldovan village. I need the help of a person, cleaning the house or feeding the cat and dog when they are not home for a few days. As a volunteer, you could also accompany guests on walks through Rosu or Cahul. Instead, they can provide accommodation and food. The main rule is to stay here from two weeks to about 3 months, but certainly everything is flexible, choose when to leave. I always teach you about working here and having a great experience of village life. Here in Moldova, food is generally organic and less expensive than in other parts of Europe. Basically permaculture in my garden and include raw, vegetarian and vegan principles in my diet. It is possible to cook together sometimes.

And for those who want to exercise their muscles, the garden has a bar and parallel bars. Constantin would be happy to show you some exercises he likes and would even do a workout with you, if you are interested. In addition, there is a summer shower and an Eco outdoor toilet.

Book your room at EcoKostel on the Contact page. Our services are free of charge, but support with a donation is welcome. Thank you for your interest!

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