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Traveling for gardening - Combining gardening, cooking, and travel

I'm embarking on a journey that blends my passions for gardening, cooking, and travel. As I travel across Europe, I bring my experience in creating and maintaining vegetable and fruit gardens, food forests, and landscaping projects that are guided by sustainable permaculture principles. I love to grow organic food in people's gardens and share my joy of cooking for families I meet along the way. My travels take me from Moldova, Italy, Austria, France, to Spain and Portugal, where I immerse myself in the diverse garden styles and permaculture practices and share my experiences to inspire sustainable living and make a positive impact on the environment. My name is Constantin, and I'm a passionate gardener, cook, and traveler. For the past decade, I've dedicated myself to creating the EcoCostel garden in Moldova, which is known internationally for its sustainable gardening practices and permaculture principles. The garden is a popular destination for those seeking to learn
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Aromatic Tour of the EcoCostel Garden

At the EcoCostel garden, in addition to the diversity of plants, trees and shrubs that we can see and taste the fruits, we can also smell many kinds of aromas that come from herbs and plants such as sage, rosemary, lavender, melissa, mint, fennel, oregano, borago and many others including the flowers. When visitors come, Constantin shows them the garden and organizes an aromatic tour, that is like, they pick several kinds of leaves that we will smell and enjoy the aroma of the special oils of each one, the leaves and flowers are known to contain healing essential oils. Every guest, traveler who arrives at EcoCostel , as soon as he enters the gate he feels that there is something special in this garden, Constantin says that it is because of the diversity that grows in the garden, the vital energy of nature makes you feel better, relaxed and full of life. The garden looks special and very different from others that are in the village, it is green until late winter, it has created a harmo

I need your support on GoFundMe

Starting with growing there a food forest / forest garden. The project it will last for many years and every support I can get is going to be a big help and a ticket for you as a future visitor and customer of our Eco products and agrotourism services. The final goal is to create an forest garden / experimental garden and nursery using Permaculture methods in producing the naturally grown fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, nuts, honey, mushrooms, and a variety of organic seeds, heirloom seeds, roots of plants and flowers, young bushes and (seeds of) fruit trees. And to create an open space experimental permaculture garden with big possibilities in ecotourism area for those who want to learn in practice and to see this project as an real example, where I'll offer accommodation, hiking, biking, village excursions, terrace in the nature and garden, playing games area, camping area, sauna. I do understand the importance of sustainability in our lifestyles and respect for the environme

Seed Package Collection 75 HAND SELECTED Varieties

Seed Package Collection 75 HAND SELECTED Varieties - Vegetables Seeds, Survival Seed Vault, Heirloom, Non GMO, Open Pollinated, Seed Bank Read this blog in French   Portuguese Russian Romanian German About our Seed package Collection 75 HAND SELECTED varieties of the most popular heirloom vegetable seeds, including Beets, Carrots, Cucumber, Kale, Lettuce, Melons, Onions, Peas, Beans Peppers, Squash, Tomatoes, Basil and many other leafy greens. PLUS, support and consultancy for any questions at contact page. What are heirlooms?! Heirlooms are seed varieties that have been passed down for generations through farmers, gardeners, families, and communities. They are open-pollinated seeds, grown and saved carefully for many decades, even centuries. Growing heirloom seeds offers a historical connection to the food you grow and eat while helping support the diversity of the seeds we have left so they can be here for future generations of gardeners and farmers. List of se

Seasons at EcoCostel Garden

Spring Read this blog in   French   Portuguese   Russian   Romanian   German Spring time at  EcoCostel  is the perfect season to enjoy the magic of Constantins personal project - the garden. The entire garden is designed, and implemented, by Constantin, using Permaculture. This method allows a diversity of healthy trees, fruit, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and herbs to grow both in harmony and ecologically. Spring signals the time for planting, seeding, weeding and the harvesting of fresh herbs. Constantin works solo in the garden, managing all aspects on his own, however, during your stay, if you would like to get involved in some gardening, Constantin will happily let you join in and teach you gardening methods along the way. The beauty of the spring time is amazing, all the fruit trees are in a natural competition to have as many flowers as they can, making lots of summer fruits. Large numbers of bees are attracted to the heady aromas of spring, within the garden, and arrive i

Sauna at EkoCostel

Sauna At EkoCostel Read this blog in   French   Portuguese   Russian   Romanian   German Most people like to use a sauna in the wintertime to get warmer, to make winter more enjoyable while improving their health. EkoCostel, this can become possible with the help of Constantin. He uses the Finnish traditional sauna often for health reasons, it helps to improve our immune system, it cleanse our body from toxins, improves circulation, and as an added benefit, the skin becomes soft and young. Most guests EkoCostel in the winter are happy to add this service to their stay as the owner offers services that are not charged, we appreciate if you only can support us with a donation. The sauna can be used all year round, not only in the winter. The health benefits are the same whether you use the sauna in spring, summer or fall. There's always a special time for a sauna! The inside of the traditional Finnish sauna is made of pine tree wood on the walls and ceiling. The floors and

Activities at Ecocostel

A walk through the village of Rosu Read this blog in   French   Portuguese   Russian   Romanian   German The village of Rosu is a picturesque place to relax among, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. From lounging in Costel's garden to traveling on a 50-year-old train dating back to Soviet times, the Moldovan countryside offers many unique experiences. Here are some of the activities that you might enjoy while staying atCostel. Moldovan home-owners take pride in decorating their homes in a traditional and colorful manner. Just outside the gate of Costel place, you’ll see fences of all colors, and home exteriors painted to depict flowers, clusters of grapes, and other flourishes. On every street there are functional water wells, each decorated in a unique manner. Rosu’s villagers are welcoming and curious about the visitors who come to Costel. They’ll wave and greet you with a hearty Bună ziua, and they might even invite you inside their garden for a glass of wine, mad

Events & Resources at ECOCOSTEL

CALENDAR OF EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES IN ROȘU VILLAGE, CAHUL CITY, OR BEYOND SPRING Read this blog in   French   Portuguese   Russian   Romanian   German March: Children make traditional Mărțișor for family and friends to wear throughout the month of March as a symbol of spring. 8 March, International Women’s Day In Moldova, the custom of giving women flowers still prevails. During the middle of March, people trim the vines and attach the vines to the supports and tidy the area. April: Orthodox Easter (date varies every year) In the predawn hours, people bring food, painted eggs, Cozonac (Paskha an Eastern European egg bread traditionally made at Easter), to the church in return for a holy water blessing. Paștele Blajinilor (Memorial Easter on the Sunday and/or Monday one week after Easter) People return to their village/city of origin and join the whole community in the cemetery bringing food, wine, and gifts spending the day together and remembering the dead family member