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Seasons at EcoCostel Garden


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Spring time at EcoCostel is the perfect season to enjoy the magic of Constantins personal project - the garden. The entire garden is designed, and implemented, by Constantin, using Permaculture. This method allows a diversity of healthy trees, fruit, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and herbs to grow both in harmony and ecologically.

Spring signals the time for planting, seeding, weeding and the harvesting of fresh herbs. Constantin works solo in the garden, managing all aspects on his own, however, during your stay, if you would like to get involved in some gardening, Constantin will happily let you join in and teach you gardening methods along the way.

The beauty of the spring time is amazing, all the fruit trees are in a natural competition to have as many flowers as they can, making lots of summer fruits. Large numbers of bees are attracted to the heady aromas of spring, within the garden, and arrive in big groups to commence their work to ensure an abundance of fruit in summer. The fresh warm air of spring makes you feel creative and energetic. Nature celebrates these days new beginning and for a new life. Here, there is so much to see, to enjoy, to discover, of course you are welcome to travel to this little heaven in southern Moldova.


Summer time is amazing, berries, fruits are getting ripe, later and vegetables are coming for fresh salads that Constantin prepares. All the trees and plants are full of green leaves, that gives beautiful view. Days are sunny and warm, rain is coming here time to time and this moments are also great because air will be refreshed. Birds that live in the garden will sing their morning melody right after sun rise. Garden herbs and summer flowers give aromatic flavor that makes everyone to enjoy better this country side heaven.

Camping area ready and summer shower are ready to be used. Even Wi-Fi and BBQ is around there, but who will use it if there is so cool to relax on grass listening the birds. Sport can be done outdoors because there are Chin-Up / Dip Bar and different games with the ball.

Nights here are awesome, many sounds of insects can be listened and stars are so many, all of them visible much better.

In the evening sunset can be seen from a balcony near to camping area. There is more to enjoy of course in the summer time, but that you can discover any time by yourself at EcoCostel.


Very colorful, always full of fruits and vegetables this is about Autumn. All the garden before preparing for rest it offers the last goodies. This time is also relaxing with smell of leaves and autumn flowers. Constantin use to cook fresh vegetable dish with vegetables right from garden, this time of the year.

In autumn Constantin uses to go hiking around the village for collecting berries, anyone who like this activity, is invited.

Mid-September in Moldova grapes are getting ready and people in village Rosu collect grapes to make wine, Constantin organized for guests that wanted to practice this activity, helping neighbors picking and making wine. Last years that was a great life experience for many of guests.

Preparing tomato and cabbage to be pickled, also picking the walnuts, all this activities or even other are for preparing before winter comes.


Fabulous moments are in winter happening when there is a lot of snow and the best time for using sauna. Winters in the southern of Moldova are not so cold, usual many days is from 0 to -4 at night, during the day mostly is +2 to +8 but few days when a cyclone is coming -9 can be during the day even, at night most can be -18 but rare.

At EcoCostel winters are warmer inside, heating a brick stove for warming guest rooms. Constantin is ready always for warming the sauna also offering tasty tea made from his own herbs.

How nice and beautiful are the days when the snow covers all around, this time of the year is miraculous. Air become so clean and fresh, during the night sky is clear and stars are visible very well.

Reserve your room at EcoCostel by contacting Constantin. Thank you for your interest!


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