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From time to time, as a local, I meet people who travel through Eastern Europe, some of them are excited to discover Moldovan life and choose to stay longer in the country.

Several times, I met foreigners who want to spend a few months or even more in Moldova. When they asked me for more local help, I was always happy to help. In addition to these meetings, we also developed great friends.

All these meetings motivated me helping them settle down, some travelers even wanted to be involved in helping some of the locals. One of the experiences was when a traveler decided to enjoy a stay longer fulfill long in Moldova, so he wanted to make new friends, learn the language, learn the culture and become almost local.

I had told him about a poor family that needed temporary financial support in order to move on. After meeting them, this traveler decided to get involved. I offered tips on how to help this family. With five children now, they were in dire need of a bathroom. After two months of hard work, the new bathroom came as a wonderful gift for this family.

As a local, I helped introduce newcomers to Moldovan society, from the city of Cahul to the village of Roșu. Since he had recently arrived in the country and wanted to help, he did not know who to help first. So it was decided simply. With local knowledge of different families and needs, I could offer advice. Before any traveler could help, he needed to find a place to live. Finding a home when you don't speak the language is difficult. I gladly helped with the translation and the organization of the meetings with the owners. Soon, I solved this problem and now my guest and good friend had nowhere to go to his own home. I had found a house surrounded by nature, at suburbs of Cahul. The well-maintained four-bedroom house in Cahul cost 120 euros a month. This cheap local price means that the lessor is interested to even renovate by himself, painting, adding your own personal style furniture and interior design. Many other surprises came with the house, and made a new friend furry single dog owner, while sharing same garden. Rental process, including renovation, lasted only two weeks, compared with the standards of his home country and are very quick to get to move so quickly in your own home even if is rented.

My experience to help locals with foreigners newcomers repeated beforewith people from Spain who worked for various associations who wanted to help and the local hospital and school orphanage for children with deficiencies hearing. This was the first time I was a translator and help for these wonderful people who have come so far to do good things here. Their actions motivate me to learn to be useful to people in need.

Because I am involved in working with people, I notice problems with local authorities and a little corruption even for small things. Somehow, this is very confusing and gives the opinion that the local authorities do not want to help their local citizens either. The root of the problem is money. Speaking of charity, someone in Moldova who is struggling to survive may not get what he needs because help does not reach the people who really need it, being often stuck in bureaucracy.

My personal advice for charities that want to help people in need in Moldova is to go directly to the locals, asking them how they can help them.

Moldova is a good place to live for foreigners who want to get away from the noisy world and discover a quieter and happier world, including more freedom. Everyone is welcome to contact me if interested to moving to Moldova to buy land, to rent a house or just travel around the country. I am always available to be an interpreter and internal help.

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