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Guests at EcoCostel

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“We had the privilege of staying with Constantin for several weeks in the autumn of 2014. Constantin was the consummate host. He enthusiastically showed us the sites of his village, Rosu, and of the city of Cahul, and demonstrated a lot of patience with all of our questions. His culinary skills are top notch, and we enjoyed learning about permaculture and life in Moldova from him. At our request, he even made arrangements for us to visit the local elementary school, and to harvest grapes at his neighbor’s home. He is a great ambassador to the region and the country as a whole, and we hope to return to his home someday soon.”

Tricia and Shawn from USA

“I was lucky enough to spend a night there a few months ago, and it will remain one of my best memory of Moldova. The Costel place is located in the countryside, not far from Cahul, and it’s the perfect place for you if you’re craving for a natural getaway , especially if you’re a vegetarian and?or interested into sustainable way of life. Constantin is an amazing host, very friendly and welcoming. He can tell you everything there is to know about permaculture ( and show his amazing garden, it will change your perspective on how to grow food ) and I recall we had an interesting conversation about veganism and vegetarianism . Oh, and we had a very good dinner as well ( I still eat polenta with cheese and remember my stay at the costelhostel now ). I definitely recommend this place, it is very cheap but comfy, and you will meet a nice, compassionate guy who can teach you a lot :)”

Margaux and Thomas from France

“I spent 3 fantastic nights and days in Rosu being looked after by the atCostel friendly owner Constantin. It was part of a cycling tour and was a perfect break from the road, being shown around the local area, and enjoying Constantins friendly, genuine hospitality. I really was made to feel welcome and spent time discovering the local area, picking wild fruit and exploring the small local village. The larger town of Cahul is nearby and Romania just a few miles away. A really lovely stay and a quite different experience to the other usual hostels that I have been to. :)”

David from United Kingdom

"AtCostel placel was the best place I visited in my two-month European trip. I have been to every single country and this town is paradise. A person should visit it disconnect himself from the stressful routine and clean your body with this amazing garden and learn how to live better with Constantin’s knowledge of healthy diets. I hope you have an idea of the delicious vegetables and herbs you can find there. I loved it!”

Alejandro from Uruguay

“AtCostel place is a very good example of Moldovan hospitality. If you want to live an authentic and and unique countryside experience and you want to taste the most genuine and tasteful traditional food you have to visit this rural accomodation. Also, his owner (Constantin) is the best example of friendliness, hospitality and kindness.”

Manuel from Spain

“I hope people are supporting young entrepreneurs of Moldova like Constantin atCostel, whose life is dedicated to sustainable and healthy living. During my stay I was able to learn a great deal from Constantin about permaculture, Moldova’s traditions and cultures, and also a little bit of Russian, since he has no problem navigating three languages over a traditional Moldovan meal in order to mediate conversation between guests without a common language. AtCostel place is clean, warm, and has the feel of a comfortable home nestled in an old village. Anyone looking for a great host, local foods, and hospitality that is hard to find should look no further than the village of RoČ™u and CostelHostel.”

Robyn from USA

“AtCostel is the best place to discover the life in moldovan village, meet moldovan people, try good food and discover a lot about the culture and the history. Constantin, the owner of the place, is an enthousiastic guy into a lot of interresting stuffs such as vegetarianism, permaculture, sustainable tourism. He will make you feel like home and you won’t want to leave this place!”

My friends from France

“I came to atCostel house with some friends at the end of the summer and stayed there for one night. We appreciate a lot the garden and the house, with nice Moldovian decoration. Constantin is a very welcoming person and it was a pleasure to discuss with him about Moldova, agriculture, cooking, travels. For sure, you won’t regret your trip if you come to Constantin’s house”

Ludivine from France

“My name is Oxana, I am vegetarian and like healthy life and food, so Constantin’s home and his garden was like a paradise for me and a good example that dreams come true!! I would always like to have a house and such a garden where you can grow eco food!! It was such a pleasure to fly away from city life with its noise, dirty air and plenty of people to this small cosy nice village. I have been there in the summer time, so I had the possibility to eat the fruit and vegetables that Constantin grow direct from the ground and drink mint tea!! If you like simple but really important things in our life, like nature, healthy food and just wanna see how it is to live in the Moldavian country side Constantin’s home is the best opportunity for you to do it. You will have a burning desire to come back there. For sure!!”

Oxana from Moldavia

“AtCostel place is a magnificent experience for any traveller who wants to get a peek into a country’s heart and soul! I warmly recommend this place for it’s a very special experience! For the time of our stay we were not just treated as guests but as friends! What I personally enjoyed the most apart from the kind and hospitable people we met was the outstanding moldovian kitchen which contained only organic food out of the Costel garden! You cannot get bored arround here because the atCostel and its surroundings provide various activities. Swimming, hiking, gardening, etc. for the more active kind, restaurants and bars in the nearby city of Cahul for the more outgoing kind and then atCostel itself which is the ideal place to just lay back and refill your batteries. Give it a go! You won’t regret it! Noroc!”

Manuel from Switzerland

“Wonderful experience at Costel’s place. Live the real life of the beautiful village of Rosu in contact with nature and with all the comforts you need in a great situation like that. Costel is the best! Share with him your staying in Moldova and you will miss that place for all your life after the departure.”
Pasquale from Napoli

“I am from a farm in Germany. So I was pretty excited about Constantine’s garden and small-scale agriculture in a Moldovan village. I was impressed, that he grew so many different fruits and vegetables. Especially about that fruit (quince, mulberry), I didn’t hear about so far. And they even taste awesome. We buy some fruits and vegetables from the nearby market (also all local and fresh stuff) and had such a great meal. Besides the food in this place is perfect to relax in a remote place. Most streets in this village ain’t paved yet. Some inhabitants get their water from a well. Romantic! It is like another, long gone world, along with an open-minded and open-hearted host.”

Arne from Germany

“I had the good fortune of spending several weeks with Constantin. He is a remarkably gracious host….always with a smile on his face and an irrepressibly cheerful disposition. His commitment to permaculture and his zeal for healthy food and healthy living is extraordinary. If you want to learn about sustainable living, organic agriculture, and voluntary simplicity, go stay with him. If you want to decompress from a hectic, stressful, high-pressured big city lifestyle…go stay with him. If you want to take a break and learn about yourself without the constant distractions from your life at home….AtCostel is a great place to be!”

Zeke from USA

“First of all, we came in the winter, white and a bit chilly. The house however was warm in every aspect. The rooms were very clean, the guesthouse has a great brand new sauna (do this often !!) and in the Austrian-style kitchen we had nice conversations about the humble and thus great way of general living in Moldova. The people are really the most helpful and friendly as never seen else by me in all the countries I traveled to. I can only recommend this friendly and natural address where heart and soul are being refreshed. And this with the best and non-chemical infested wines I ever tasted (Italy, France, and other wine producing countries: THIS is real wine here!) Actually , I want to export these wines to the world outside of Moldova. And with the money that brings this, help the nice people in the village I whad this great holiday: Rosu. Where you will find the little diamant in that little and extremely interesting country of Moldova. The diamant is called Constantin, the owner of Guesthouse CostelHotel. Just do it, you will help not only the sweet people here, but especially: YOURSELF. Discover the hidden truth here: life is all about taking care of each other and with that you enlighten yourself. Dear Friend Costel : ”Multsemesk” !! - I think, dear reader, you get it by new: book as soon as you can, it will be the best investment in you and others you will ever make. La Revedere !!!”

Friends from Holland

“I spent good time in Moldova and in Cahul with Constantin I had a wonderful time to stay in this big house with this furnished garden. I also love the way of living and thinking of this guy and respect him so much that I have, now, good friend to visit in Moldova when I decide to come back to Cahul… Highly recommended to visit this place…”

Jean from France

Moldova. I was only planning to spend a few nights there but enjoyed it so much I ended up there a week. Constantin is a wonderful host willing to show you the village, Cahul and Moldovan way of life. He has a wonderful garden, will cook for you and has a supply of homemade wine. The house is huge and has ample room for many guests to sleep comfortably. Definitely would stay again.”

Todd from USA


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