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Five years ago, I had no idea that so many different diets existed. It was only when I developed some health problems, that I searched for a way to change my nutrition. I had a few health problems, and one of them was unable to be solved by the doctors, so I searched for information on my own so I could start to work on healing myself. I read books about different diets and nutritional plans and, after learning much more about nutrition, I began researching a solution for my dental problems. I had periodontitis and the only thing that dentists told me was that this issue was incurable, and that every year I needed medication. Even after three years of this medication, I lost one tooth at 25 years old. This was very stressful for me and I lost my trust in the medical service.

Motivation drove me, and what I found in the books helped me to find another way with my daily diet of meat consumption. In a few months, I was eating less and less meat until only once per month. Once I ate meat again, I was surprised to find the same symptoms and taste of metal in my mouth from bleeding gums. The next step for me was to eat even less meat than once a month. I studied vegetarian, vegan, and then raw vegan diets. After that my nutrition improved and within a few months I had little or no pain and no bleeding gums. My teeth became stronger.

After six months of my dietary experiments, I decided to become a vegetarian. Since then I have continued to read books about nutrition. Five years have passed and I have no dental problems. Other benefits such as energy and eye health followed as well. From the information I was absorbing online, I decided to do a detox by eating raw food for one month. During this time, I learned more along the way, figuring out what foods to eat together and what foods not to eat together. It was easier to do this during the month of August, when many varieties of fruits and vegetables are available. The first two weeks was a bit difficult, because I was feeling hungry even though I was eating a lot. But I knew this was normal and I had to continue. In the third week, I really felt the best in my life. I was energetic and feeling awake after a long sleep. I beat my exercising records, my mind became clearer, my memory improved, my skin improved, my eyes visually cleared and my energy levels were boosted. Having my own garden raised my awareness and I felt connected to nature, motivating me to develop my skills in sustainable living and protection of the environment.

While changing my diet, I also discovered permaculture. I found this strongly connected to my awareness for the environment because I have studied ecology. I didn’t know about this new lifestyle and communities of people living sustainably. For me, a light went on in my head as I realized how this can help me and others around me if I follow this simple way of living while collaborating with nature. I am glad that I am on this path now, having good friends who also care about this way of life. At the moment, I follow the raw vegan diet. In a few years I want to eat mostly raw foods with a few cooked vegetables in between.

YouTube gave me many documentaries and presentations that I collected for reference at home. I also learn from others with more experience who share their knowledge online. Even now I often prepare raw meals for my friends, guests and family. They like my improvised salads, smoothies and meals. I think about sharing my experience and lifestyle with other people either via the Internet or in person.

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